Vision Capital is a registered investment advisor (RIA) that provides socially responsible investment management services nationwide.  It is founded by David S. Kim who is a founder of Working Assets Money Fund and a partner in Working Assets Management Company for ten years until the company was sold.  David was the chair of the Marketing Committee for most of his tenure at Working Assets as well as being a member of the Finance Committee.  He is one of the early pioneers and practitioners of the socially responsible investment field.  He has been active in the field since 1983, and he continues to be active in organizations in the socially responsible investment (SRI) field.  He is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a B.A. and  a M.B.A. degree.

He has been also active in the community development field for the past twenty years in such areas as affordable housing, business incubators, commercial centers, and job and business creation projects.  This experience, knowledge and network allows the company to offer a service to those clients that desire to put a portion of their investments into creating direct social impact.



We manage investment portfolios of individuals, families, non-profit organizations, and businesses in a completely customized way.  Each portfolio is constructed according to the different needs, preferences and guidelines of the clients.  We develop specific financial parameters (explained in detail elsewhere) as well as social parameters of the portfolio with each separate client.  We manage the investments in this highly customized way according to the desires and needs of the clients.

We provide socially responsible investment management services by incorporating various social criteria guidelines specified by the client.  In addition, we work with clients to incorporate into their portfolios positive impact stocks which tend to be mostly smaller companies that have only one or two clear lines of business that are easily identifiable as benefiting society in some area, such as energy, environment, education or affordable housing.   We also work with those clients who want to invest in direct impact community investing projects or funds.

Our focus is to provide a high quality personalized customer service with good client communication, strive hard to achieve very competitive financial returns, and to create a high level of positive societal impact.


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