Vision Capital has a strong commitment to achieving the following goals and focus:

– To achieve satisfying and successful human relationships with clients by providing high quality customer service, continuous and meaningful communication, and solving comprehensive financial needs of the clients.  We are in the people serving business, and we believe we must put in the time and effort required to develop a satisfying relationship.

–  To work hard to provide a highly competitive financial return on investments.  We use a systematic and disciplined approach to investing and extensive research in an effort to achieve highly competitive returns on investments.

–  To help clients achieve positive societal impact of their investments and participate in other socially responsible activities such as shareholder activism and networking on issues to help make the world a better place.

–  To practice with a high standard of ethics to inspire trust and confidence by clients that we will handle the money and transactions with utmost honesty and integrity and always will strive hard to meet the client’s goals and needs.

A strong focus of ours is to provide highly customized portfolio management services that are both financially and socially customized.  Each portfolio is individually designed for the client, based upon the financial and social guidelines that are developed during the initial discussions with the client.  A section on Initial Process of Working Together describes this initial discussion process in greater detail.   In addition, we are committed to a highly personalized customer service and communication.

Another strong focus is to provide socially responsible investment services to clients in a way that is humanly fulfilling as well as financially fulfilling with very competitive returns.  We work to achieve this by committing to a time intensive relationship that requires continuous and open communication between us and the clients.  We welcome continuous communication, questions and requests for discussions from clients, especially for the first year or two of the relationship.  Even though we and the clients have extensive discussions in the beginning to develop parameters on risk-return,  asset-allocation, financial goals,  investment styles, social criteria and other issues, a good client relationship still requires a period of on-going discussions to refine the mutual understanding on various topics.  Only by committing to spend the required time for on-going communication, we find that we can understand the client’s needs and parameters fully.

We also find it fulfilling that the on-going communication leads, over time, to a better education on the part of the clients on the investment and social criteria topics: that is greater understanding by the clients of various topics we grapple with.  This leads to a richer investment management relationship.  We also find that we have benefited from this kind of process in that we get some new information we may not have been aware of or it may spark a new insight by us during meetings with clients.

We have developed, over time, a broad based approach to meeting client’s financial and related needs because we found out that clients really need this kind of approach.  This is in part a result of our focus and commitment to on-going communications with clients. Clients often raise other financial issues that are non-portfolio related, and we feel the need to respond to them.  We will respond to these questions or issues clients have to the best of our knowledge, mostly without charge.  We simply consider this as a part of the package of the investment management services we provide.  If they need further work on resolution, we will refer clients to other professionals that can best deal with those issues or questions or do some research ourselves to provide a good way for clients to proceed.  In this way, we can help clients meet their needs in wide ranging financial areas, and we become aware of their larger financial picture and issues. This helps us to do a better job of investment management for a client.

We strive to work with other firms and professionals in the SRI field in order to better meet the various needs of the clients.  We also belong to various associations and institutions in the field to participate in coordinated efforts on various social issues.  One example of this would be participating in coordinated shareholder resolutions or dealings with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) through efforts of the Social Investment Forum (SIF), ICCR, and other organizations.  We would also participate in various community investment efforts.

We do not take custody or hold any of client’s funds or securities.  An independent third party handles custody of all funds and securities.  This third party also accounts for all transactions on the account and makes monthly account reports directly to the client with a copy to us.


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