We provide investment management services for those investors who are committed to making the world a better place through various means including utilizing their investments to influence companies to act responsibly towards the environment, employees, products, community, and on other issues.  The socially responsible investment field, though much doubted in its early years, has had great successes and continues to grow and create greater positive societal impact.  The success of the South Africa divestment effort is an example of how powerful the combined forces of socially conscious money can be.  A similar intensive effort is currently being waged by the SRI field in the area of environmental protection in terms of having corporations sign on to a code of business conduct.

We work with various methods of socially responsible investing such as
-divestment (or boycott),
-non-participation on negative companies,
-pro-active investment in companies to continue dialogue for improvement, and
-participating in shareholder actions on issues with other SRI firms and organizations such as ICCR and Social Investment Forum.
We will be involved in networking opportunities in the field to advance progress in various social criteria issues in a more collective way.

We also actively search for and do research on companies we and the socially responsible investors would be excited about and love to support.  These are companies that have products or services that are considered positive for the society or companies that are strongly committed to environmental sustainability and human dignity and equality.

These are often smaller companies with one or two clear lines of businesses.  Thus, they are often considered more volatile.  It would be each client’s decision to include how much, if any, of these types of companies in the portfolio.

We also work with clients that are interested in community investing.  This is done through various community investment financial intermediaries such as community loan funds, community development banks, micro lending funds or other funds.  Investments can be also made directly to specific community investment projects.

The following are major social criteria issue areas that we work with clients:

– Environment – Energy
– Employee Relations – Human Rights
– Weapons Production – Product Quality and Safety
– Corporate Citizenship – Animal Rights and Testing
– Tobacco, Alcohol and Gambling – Community Development

Each client selects own set of criteria to emphasize, and we will manage the portfolio according to those specific guidelines.


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